Ready...Steady...GO (Graduate Outcomes)

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2018 sees us say goodbye to the old and hello to the NewDLHE or otherwise now known as ‘Graduate Outcomes’. Continue Reading


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Gradcore are delighted to announce the launch of our new specialist employability programme, SEAL (Student Employability & Attributes in Law). Continue Reading

Join us!! We're on the look out for a Project Co-ordinator and a Marketing and Social Media Intern

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Project Co-ordinator - Data and Systems £20,000-£22,000 + profit share and pension Continue Reading

Out with the old, in with the newDLHE

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Martin Edmondson and Professor Richard Blackwell Continue Reading

The problem with conferences and what we are trying to do about it

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Lately, it feels like barely a week goes by without someone running a conference or event on graduate recruitment and employability. Eyes can tend to glaze over when you suggest such things. In that context, it can be hard to know which ones really add value and offer a useful... Continue Reading

GEC Is Back!

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Oven-readiness: Whose job is it to make graduates employable?

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Background to this post: Continue Reading

What the hell is excellence?

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I recently contributed to a HEPI pamphlet on TEF, and within this made a particular point about how universities might create their own markers and metrics to highlight their distinctiveness – whether for the written submission or just to develop their identity. I wanted to elaborate on this point... Continue Reading

The mourning after the night before

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Whilst much is still unknown about how the referendum vote will play out, and whether we will even actually leave, the Higher Education (HE) sector has more reason that most to be worried about the fallout. If this is the case then graduate recruiters also need to be conscious of... Continue Reading

We're hiring! Join us an Operations Co-ordinator

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As Operations Co-ordinator, you will play a critical role in ensuring the smooth running of the Gradcore business. You’ll be someone who has a passion for administration and organisation, together with a solution-oriented mindset. You’ll play a key support role enabling our team of graduate recruitment and employability specialists to... Continue Reading