What makes us different

Gradcore helps organisations, universities and graduates to understand each other. Everything we do involves the interactions between these three groups. We understand, and believe in, the power of graduates to grow businesses, and make places more economically successful. We also understand the value that Universities bring through their work in educating people for life and work. This experience and understanding has been gained by working amongst these groups, at the frontline, for more than 15 years.

Crucially, we also understand that sometimes there are disconnects, and we exist to help mend these connections.

Companies and Organisations

  • Companies wanting to recruit graduates, but struggling to find the right ones
  • Companies wanting to develop a graduate recruitment strategy or outsource their process
  • Companies wanting to re-engineer their recruitment process or interested in becoming more efficient with their resources
  • Organisations wanting to retain, and utilise graduate talent more effectively
  • Organisations wanting to implement internship and placement programmes


  • Universities looking to develop and/or refine their employability strategy
  • Universities looking for labour market information that helps them set and manage graduate expectations
  • Universities looking for innovative employability training for their students and graduates to improve their graduate job prospects
  • Universities seeking to improve DLHE performance of target faculties


  • People who represent unemployed and underemployed graduates who need to be supported into the workplace
  • Graduates looking to access local and regional graduate job opportunities