What the hell is excellence?

Gradcore Team, Created 10/10/2016 17:01 Last updated 11/10/2016 15:04

I recently contributed to a HEPI pamphlet on TEF, and within this made a particular point about how universities might create their own markers and metrics to highlight their distinctiveness – whether for the written submission or just to develop their identity. I wanted to elaborate on this point... Continue Reading

The mourning after the night before

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Whilst much is still unknown about how the referendum vote will play out, and whether we will even actually leave, the Higher Education (HE) sector has more reason that most to be worried about the fallout. If this is the case then graduate recruiters also need to be conscious of... Continue Reading

We're hiring! Join us an Operations Co-ordinator

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As Operations Co-ordinator, you will play a critical role in ensuring the smooth running of the Gradcore business. You’ll be someone who has a passion for administration and organisation, together with a solution-oriented mindset. You’ll play a key support role enabling our team of graduate recruitment and employability specialists to... Continue Reading

We're hiring! Join us as Recruitment & Employability Coordinator

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As Recruitment and Employability Coordinator, you will provide project support and coordination across our RPO and employability work - from screening applications and video interviews to producing developmental feedback for students and applicants. Continue Reading

Upping our social impact game at Gradcore

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As many of you will know, Gradcore can trace its roots back over nearly 20 years - in particular to when we spun out as a social enterprise in 2008. Since then we have been keen to maximise our social impact in many different ways including: Continue Reading

Has the CIPD picked the wrong target to shoot at?

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The CIPD report out today raises some interesting questions about the role of graduates in the economy, but it settles on the wrong enemy. Continue Reading

#GEC15: Conference Round Up

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Gradcore making headlines in The Yorkshire Post

Gradcore Team, Created 04/06/2015 17:00

Yorkshire ‘failing to look after business talent’ Continue Reading

National recognition for City Graduate Scheme - RISE

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RISE up: the Sheffield graduate scheme stopping a city brain drain Continue Reading

#GEC15: Programme now released - book now!

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