Graduates Yorkshire transitions into Gradcore

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Graduates Yorkshire transitions into Gradcore Continue Reading

#GEC13 : Summary

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#GEC13 is officially ON SALE!

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“Every little helps” What would a Tesco University look like?

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Recent debates about the HE sector’s reaction to the employability challenge has led to some interesting and thriving debates about the role of a university in the development of a student’s employability and more vaguely and interestingly about student engagement. Continue Reading

#GEC12: The slides, pics, and vids

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#GEC12: The Graduate Employment Conference took place on the 30th May. Continue Reading

The Queen's Speech

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It was no surprise that the Queen’s Speech was all over the news yesterday as everyone has a stake in what was to be announced. We at Gradcore, and our sister companies, Graduates Yorkshire and GradsEast were watching to hear about what the government’s plans were for young people (specifically... Continue Reading

Who will step up to the challenge of graduate unemployment?

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This month we saw the launch of the government’s response to rising youth unemployment - the Youth Contract. It’s great news that the government is investing in our young people[i]. But, as I discussed in December, there’s not really a great deal in there for graduates. Continue Reading

Drum roll please… the #GEC12 conference programme has been perfected!

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We’ve got an exciting line-up that should piqué the interests of everyone involved in the graduate labour market, whether you are a careers advisor, policy maker or recruiter. Continue Reading

Yorkshire forward?

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Today sees the official end of Yorkshire Forward. Whilst the organisation has been in wind-down mode pretty much since the election, the doors actually close now. Continue Reading

#GEC12: The Graduate Employment Conference 30th May

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It’s that time of year again when we are busy organising our Graduate Employment Conference #GEC12 on Wednesday 30th May. We’ve got an exciting line up that we think will be useful to everyone involved in graduate recruitment. Continue Reading