Gradcore Praxis

Praxis is the process by which a theory, lesson, or skill is enacted, embodied, or realised. Praxis may also refer to the act of engaging, applying, exercising, realizing, or practising ideas.

Introduction to Gradcore Praxis:

In 2016 Gradcore are launching a pilot programme for graduate recruiters called Gradcore Praxis. The programme will involve a carefully selected small group of 3-4 graduate recruiters meeting twice a year to discuss challenges and opportunities with peers in a completely confidential environment.

In effect the group will be the antithesis of a conference. Conferences are valuable, but are shaped around the needs and wants of the collective industry, whereas this model is shaped around you and your organisation. We believe this will result in very direct and actionable outputs, and highly bespoke content. We also know from experience that the relationships formed in groups like this can be hugely beneficial, especially in times of real challenge or change.

Praxis practicalities and content:

Each meeting will list for around 5 hours, and timings will be decided by the group to enable efficient travel planning. Venues will rotate around participant offices, and will be facilitated by one of the senior members of the Gradcore team.

We will use an action learning set format, which allows each participant to tackle an individual issue or challenge in depth, and draw on the insights and experience of the other participants and facilitator. Each participant will have at least 1 hour dedicated to their challenge, and we will all sign NDAs to ensue confidentiality.

We will also start each section with an industry briefing by the Gradcore facilitator. The first of these will be a general market overview, but subsequently the group will decide the topic and Gradcore will do research between sessions and then present back at the following session.

One writer described Praxis as ‘acts that shape and change the world’, which may sound ambitious, but we hope that these groups will change the world you operate in, and enable you to deliver success and positive change for your organisation and yourself.