Our ability to conduct large scale, graduate focussed research is aided by our access to more than 200,000 recent graduates through our network of regional partners.


Over the last 20 years we have carried out regular research into the graduate labour market as well as into young adults’ aspirations and behaviours. This expertise is now available to our clients. Companies and organisations can work with us to conduct research into their area of interest, whether this be industry or region specific.

Our ability to conduct large scale quantitative research is aided by our access to more than 200,000 recent graduates through our network of regional partners. We conduct all aspects of research from large scale quantitative studies to focused qualitative pieces using a variety of methodologies as indicated below:

Surveys and Polls

We conduct a series of large and small polls throughout the year, but if these do not meet your specific requirements we can design, implement and report on surveys and polls that fit your needs. Previous examples include surveying engineering graduates about what they look for in an engineering graduate scheme, or surveying Leeds graduates about whether they want to work in the public sector.

Graduate Panel

Through our partnership with a leading youth marketing agency we are able to conduct large scale graduate consumer testing. Our partnership allows us access to around 200,000 recent graduates across the UK, giving your brand the ideal ‘opinion pool’ in which to test new products and services.

Focus Groups

We regularly assemble focus groups consisting of graduates, academics and business representatives. These groups can be used to test new ideas and brands, benchmark thinking, and gain quick and detailed feedback.


Sometimes, when very detailed output is required, there is a need for individuals to be interviewed by an objective third party in order to draw out useful, unpolluted information. Our team are experienced in designing interviews that draw out the most useful information and then distil it into a practically useful format.

‘Road-testing’ new University courses

With pressure on Universities to deliver courses that fit new funding regimes and meet graduate demand it is increasingly important to market test new course outlines and ideas. We can quickly draw on a range of methodologies and test your new course ideas with a cohort of recent graduates and potential new students. We can also carry out this work with relevant businesses, to assess the demand for the course from an employer perspective.

Social Media audit

Given that 80% of 16-24s use social media* your brand will be being discussed even if you choose not to engage. Our social media audit reviews both your social media presence and the social media conversation that is taking place about you. Once you understand this, you will be able to set strategies for either engaging with the negative content and maximising the value of the positive content.

*European commission

Combined programmes

All of these individual tactical approaches can be combined into a collective and comprehensive research project where required. If you have a research challenge that in any way involves graduates as consumers, customers or employees then get in touch.