"For every £1 invested RISE Sheffield has returned £5 to the city's economy." Independent economic evaluation of RISE Sheffield

City Graduate Scheme

The City Graduate Scheme is a structured programme aimed at boosting city growth, SME growth and graduate employability. It was an idea that emerged when we were looking at the evolution of our work with SMEs, and the parallel changes in UK economic development moving from a regional to local focus.

Cities and local areas across the country are consistently battling to better connect higher level skills with SMEs, in order to release latent economic potential. We felt that the principles we regularly deploy in our work on corporate graduate schemes could be applied to an aggregated group of companies in a place or industry. The diagram on this page shows how the programme positively benefits all the key stakeholders.

Case study:

The leading case study example of this model is RISE Sheffield. The City is keen to position itself as a graduate destination, and in order to do this the award winning RISE city graduate scheme was created. It is funded by the council and universities in the city, and we are one of the lead delivery partners. This scheme has seen more than 100 graduates placed, in more than 80 SMEs, resulting in economic return on investment, increased employability and the positioning of Sheffield as a ‘Graduate City’.  

Whilst the RISE brand belongs to Sheffield, the principles can be applied in any city or area. If you are interested in discussing how this could work in your city or area, contact us here.