Graduates are proven to increase GDP innovation and productivity

Economic Development

Gradcore have been trying to understand the role, and increase the impact of graduates on local and national economies for the last decade. In doing so we have come to develop a number of key principles:

  • Graduate utilisation is more powerful than graduate retention.

  • Graduate underemployment compromises productivity.

  • Graduates, appropriately used, create innovation and growth in businesses and economies.

  • Graduate recruitment processes should be designed to simultaneously develop employability.

We know this because:

  • Graduates create productivity increases in organisations – 30% higher where all staff are graduates.

  • Graduates create productivity increases in places – Every 1% growth in grads creates 0.5% growth in GDP.

  • Graduates bring  innovation – Innovative businesses have twice as many graduates.

What does this mean to you?

If you are working in economic development, whether in government or a LEP, we can help you to develop and deliver the graduate and higher level skills elements of your economic strategy. We do this through:

  • Delivery of a City Graduate Scheme – A model that gives SMES access to the same graduate recruitment resources enjoyed by large companies, boosts graduate employability and delivers GVA growth.

  • Development of new graduate retention and utilisation strategies for your area, city or country through our experienced consultants.

  • Research into your area of interest, whether this be industry or geography specific, leveraging our network graduates and employers to provide you with insights.