"We received quality applications and have been successful in recruiting for a variety of graduate roles" - Julie Chiverton, Recruitment Media Co-ordinator, Morrisons plc

Talent Development

High quality graduate recruitment can often be let down by ineffective or rushed on-boarding and development. We work with all of our graduate recruitment clients to ensure that new graduate hires and brought into the organisation in a way that maximises impact, and aids long term retention.

It is our philosophy to help graduates start leading their own development rather than acting as inert recipients of learning. We have a strong emphasis on practical, interactive development and self-reflection, ensuring that graduates acknowledge and build on what they have learnt.

We have gained considerable experience in delivering graduate development, induction and onboarding services across the UK. These programmes are not limited to corporate clients, as many of the principles can be applied in a university context, as seen in the case study below:

Case Study - University of Lincoln Fast Track Programme

The University of Lincoln asked us to design and implement a programme of graduate development which would support 25 graduates into gaining places on graduate schemes. We put in place our ‘Fast Track’ programme, which is designed to support graduates who possess the raw materials to get on graduate schemes in terms of qualification, but perhaps lack confidence and social capital. The course included:

  • Mock graduate selection and assessment process – from application to assessment

  • Influencing and personal impact training

  • Networking training and development

  • Workbooks and learning logs for all participants

Graduate Induction

Our team uniquely blends employability and recruitment expertise with a number of outstanding specialists. This allows us to create a bespoke team designed to specifically make graduates work ready in various types of businesses – from large, blue-chip organisations to SMEs. We focus on the following features:

  • Prepare the graduate for the business environment

  • Build skills and confidence in managing workloads and becoming effective

  • Provide insight into real life organisational challenges

  • Understand how decisions are made within businesses

  • Develop self-awareness and practical skills

  • Develop abilities to establish and sustain professional networks

Graduate On-boarding

We believe that the key to successful on-boarding is to swiftly connect the graduates to the organisation’s values/vision/goals. This should happen anyway during any high quality attraction and selection process, but the effort should not stop after the offer is made. As such we work with our clients to create an outstanding candidate journey, and to manage expectations and build connectivity between graduate and company all the way up to the start date.